12-12-12 …

Pretty cool!

And – I’m in my studio, with my insomnia being soothed by the rhythmic sound of snoring studio-pooches (Maggie and Kat) while the kilns click in the background.  Doesn’t get much better …

Spent some time with the plotter tonight … working through some additional ideas for recycled wine/liquor bottles (more to come, but – weeding 18mil resist is a learned skill!  Just sayin’) … And I’m beading/wire-wrapping again.  Which makes me grateful for all of my new mega-lighting and the fact that my hands are arthritis-free (for now, anyway).


Still doing the Christmas ornament/gift mad-dash and assembling badge reels, but I’m also getting back to a few spoon-rests and bowls, which I’ve been ignoring lately.  So packages are going out daily (LOVE THAT!) …

snowmen-12-11       colors-of-my-heart

The twins are home safe and sound.  They had a good time – got to see a gator ‘zoo’ and lay out on the beach (I’m jealous!).  So now we’re back to “normal” – which means constant reminders to shut the fridge door, pick their coat up off the floor, put their stuff away,  etc.  Oh my BABIES!*

teenage slob

*No – it’s not THAT bad … but it feels like it!

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