Update, soak, sleep – and THEN …

[The Twins will be HOME!]  But first, update:  DH and I survived our Empty Nester time.  We spent quality time doing our own thing, quality time together – and had nightly phone calls from the twins … For a trial run, I think we did well!

I have a few new ornaments and the Zeus plaque to show off.  I think ‘Zeus’ requires more work, but I’m letting it ruminate for the moment … :

 DSC06260     DSC06229   DSC06225          Fritography-Zeus

My studio is a disaster zone.  I’ll spend some time cleaning later this week as I decide which (glass) project calls my name the loudest.

But for now, I’ll spend a bit of time in the hot tub, as I managed to ‘tweak’ when I should have ‘turned’ at work, and am currently very much aware of the right branch sciatic nerve in my sacrum/right buttock and posterior thigh.  It’s all good … This nerve and I have been ‘dancing’ and ‘sparring’ for the last 20+ years (NEVER sneeze mid-step while climbing stairs in advanced [read: very FAT] pregnancy … just sayin’).  I’m an expert at self-treating this temperamental nerve. 

Once ‘treated’ … time to crash sleep.  When I wake up – my babies will be HOME!  Oh, Aunty Em, HURRY!


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