Well YEAH – There’s that …

Yes!  My studio still needs cleaning, but … I have a whole mid-size kiln shelf of hot cabs just waiting for ‘GLAMOUR’ … So, you know – thank goodness I didn’t put all those frit jars away!


But, wait – there’s twinsmore.  Today marks the last day of my biological two-legged children attending high school.  Well, OK … I suppose DH may have someone unaccounted for (- I don’t think so, but …WHATEVER?)  … We are so officially DONE with High School – FOREVER … SWEET!  [Please don’t think I am taking any opportunities away from our four-legged off-spring … If any of the Neos or Yorkies get a scholarship … Well then, obviously – I am ALL IN  – and, back in the mini-van! Winking smile]

Meanwhile, my garden is planted!  (Yay!!!)  So I am totally back in my studio – working on a new slumped bottle design … Hmm – we’ll see:


I’ve moved along my custom sun-catchers to the next level.  And, I have planned for another dragonfly pendant or two …

custom-sun-catchers  dragonfly-penDots


So sure – with all my productive activity, I decided it MUST be time to play with Kumihimo … Another bracelet in-the-works …


Ummm … YEP!  My cluttered studio and I are getting along nicely …

With much love,


Next up:  Photos of our beautiful Thoretta Blue … and possibly my clean studio.  Maybe ???  We’ll see …

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