Restocking, custom orders and … penDots

Equals PLAYING …  So, this is what you can do when all of your kids are ‘self-sufficient’ … Amazing!  I love it …

I’ve sold out of a few Michigan-specific dichro cabs … and all four of my two-legged kids attended/are attending my alma-mater … So, totally due:



And, I’m wrapping up a custom-order … One more evergreen-tree to go (- and these)  …


DH and I are having a bit of fun, going round-n-round with my penDot obsession … I keep making them, and HE keeps telling me ENOUGH … We shall see …


2016-05-2701.54.09_resized   2016-05-2702.03.55_resized


20160527_014242_resized   20160527_014313_resized

And then, just to keep me in a NURSING-mind-set, a fellow-co-worker sent me this … try to UNSEE it!!!  [So, YEAH … I deal with THAT, TOO!!!]


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