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Restocking, custom orders and … penDots

Equals PLAYING …  So, this is what you can do when all of your kids are ‘self-sufficient’ … Amazing!  I love it … I’ve sold out of a few Michigan-specific dichro cabs … and all four of my two-legged kids attended/are attending… Read More

Finally … Thank you – I needed that!

What a beautiful day!  And – I spent time in the studio.  Just doesn’t get much better than that!  While I still don’t have water (DH says it’s frozen somewhere in the ground … NOT great news) – I had fun in… Read More

Oops – I’m doing it again …

I apparently can’t help it and I don’t THINK there’s a med for it …  I’m scoping out a new hobby and chomping at the bit!  Since DH has put a temporary kibosh on the ‘L’ addition to the studio (so –… Read More

Beading Expert … Oh YEAH!

My bracelet is DONE!  And, while I can’t say that I ‘enjoyed the process’ so much ( – more like a dedicated, JONESING addict meets Determined Insomniac) … it’s DONE – and I LIKE IT!!!  So much so, that I wore it… Read More