Oops – I’m doing it again …

I apparently can’t help it and I don’t THINK there’s a med for it …  I’m scoping out a new hobby and chomping at the bit!  Since DH has put a temporary kibosh on the ‘L’ addition to the studio (so – no room for a potter’s wheel yet!) … I’ve found something interesting that’ll fit in my current space.  I’m still in the research phase, as the ‘package’ I’m eyeing is definitely equal to a house payment.  But, you know, I’m obsessed now – so it’s just a matter of time … [evil chuckle]

Moving on … Since I’m feeling guilty about neglecting my glass, I was productive in the studio last night.  Got all three kilns running (oh, I love that), some listings pulled together for the shops, and ideas are churning for my next project … Here are some pics – Coffin loaded with my latest trial of special, bling slumped bottles:

bottles    bottles-2

Finally have the cab load running for the final fire-polish; And the production kiln is loaded with spoon-rest blanks.  (I’m hoping this is the last run on these two before slumping – but we’ll see what happens when I open the lid …)

cabs-9-19-12    santa-fe-spoon-rests

And, I finally listed the Earth Platter to the shops … She’s a big one, 15 inches with a neat organic feel.  I like it!!


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