But I love it … grumble, grumble

Not having a fun week.  Too busy.  I didn’t get my chores done in time to go to a work outing tonight (- ER folks know how to have some fun too, darnit!).  AND – I’m missing my studio! [Lower lip sticking out, feet stomping]

But – my week is full of puppies, family time and good food, so I need to stop grumbling.

OK – that’s better.  Sun was out today, so we had some romp time with the pooches.  I have cute pics (*Don’t ask me why Zeus is trying to be in the MIDDLE of my arborvitae … silly guy!):


I have my email correspondence done for the week; SANE call is over; I made a ginormous pot of yummy Potato Soup; we only have to go back to Metro (DTW airport) one more time (tomorrow); and Friday is a family celebration with my dad … This is all good stuff!!! 

I’ll steal some studio time this weekend in between work.  I hope.  Maybe.  That moon is starting to get awfully full … Ohhh SH*T!!!  Maybe not …


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