Ahh … Oh-no! Really???

Finally finished with my mandatory nursing in-services …  Ahhhhhh …  Just in time to start orientation hours at my new job (the sister hospital) next week …  Apparently, I am destined to work 56-64 hours a week outside of the home. (WTH?!?)  Good thing I’m not busy … Disappointed smile

In the meantime … the new studio flooring is acclimating.  It would appear it needs to “sit” in it’s new home for 3 days before it can be installed.  Which is okay, since I am still painting, and the cabinets are due in any day now …  And – I still need DH to build a partial wall separating the kitchen area from the rest of the studio.  But, here’s what we have so far:

studio-furniture  painting

I’m re-running some slumped bottles.  Tried to run them Wednesday night, but we lost power half-way through the process/night.  (Creating a school-morning [with a houseful of teenagers] without power to add to our ‘adventures’ …. Smile)   Happy to say – our power is back on again (until the next bird dives into our transformer…?!?)!

bm2Puppy news … We had a repeat breeding with our Olivia – as we were so pleased/impressed with her/Oberon’s last litter, and Ronny will be retiring soon.  The babies are almost 4 weeks old now, doing great and starting to play and make noise.  They’re squishy and cute and snuggly and fun … a great stress relief!  (You can see more photos here.)  [BTW – Miss Livvie has been eating like a champ the whole time!]  Love it!!

And, we’ll be having Yorkie babies within the next few weeks or so … They’re so drastically different than the Neo pups – who, by developmental comparison, come out walking and talking.  Winking smile

I have Christmas ornaments sitting on my project table … calling my name, waiting to be finished.  Hmmm, maybe next week … (Hey – it could happen!) 

In my (insomnia) down-time, I’ve been surfing the net, saving pictures/ideas/what-not for decorating, future-projects or just things that make me smile.  (If you’re a visual person, “Pinterest” is a neat ‘tool’ to save photos you come upon while surfing …)  You can take a peek at mine here, if you’d like: 

chneos pinterest

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