Warning Will Robinson …

Overload! Overload!  I’m taking 5 minutes, that I don’t really have, but … hey, it’s all good!

Spent yesterday at the sister hospital – my head is spinning just a bit regarding the differences … kind of like shopping at a new grocery store … you take for granted the fact will robinson robotthat you know the lay-out, where to find the hard-to-find items, etc. of your old store – and how much time that actually saves ….

Got a call from my boss to personally (verbally) deliver a subpoena for tomorrow morning … Aaarrgghhh – so close to a clean get-away …  Got word from my other boss – need to spend some quality time at the SANE office – taking care of paperwork, supplies, etc.

Have family coming out on Friday … this house is sooo NOT ready for company.  Need to spend time with the computer to send out puppy pictures.  Need to get caught up on laundry (no one wants their nurse to be NAKED!)  Need to get the new studio done, so I can start playing with glass again!  Please?!?

(The bulk of the cabinets are in, the new half-wall is (partially) up – DH is mudding the drywall, so I should be able to finish painting soon.  The flooring is well acclimated, but we’re not ready to install it yet …)

new studio 10.25.11

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