Admiral – there be WHALES here …

scotty-whalesWoke up this morning to my Yorkie literally giving birth on my lap … GOOD MORNING!  I’ve no idea how she managed to get her fat-self up to my lap or why she decided that would be THE place to nest, but it sure woke me up in a hurry!  Seems I was off with our timing of her due-date … and maybe other things too.  Right now we have one very large doberman-mouse (Yorkie pup) … Maybe it’s a one-pup litter?  Meanwhile, Mom and pup are doing great … and the caffeine is starting to kick-in to replace the adrenaline rush …

CJ-and-pup      dobermanmouse

Last night, DH and I got a bit more pulled together in the studio … New paint on (most of) the walls in the kitchen area and the partial wall is completely built … Hopefully, by next week the mudding and painting will be done.  As you can tell, we haven’t completely emptied the space … this will make installing the flooring a bit more challenging, but … HE claims there was no where in his man-cave (the first floor of the barn) to store anything, so … it is what it is.  I love a challenge!

kitchen area - new studio

Got some laundry done (Thank Goodness!), pictures taken, a more appropriate whelping box set up … now to get the house ship-shape for company and spend more ‘quality time’ at the computer … come on caffeine – don’t fail me now!  (PS – got out of testifying today, wasn’t needed … LOVE IT!!)

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