One step at a time …

We’re getting there … I was definitely overwhelmed for a minute or two, but it’s coming together … 

2011-10-27_23-38-48_809While we didn’t get anything concrete done in the new studio today … DH did put my kitchen cupboards in place (almost) so that I could get the feel of it (BTW – the hole in the middle is for the stove) … Not sure I love the colors coming together … kind-a reminds me of the freaky orange ape from ‘Planet of the Apes’ – Cornelius, I think his name is … So, my studio kitchen will be dedicated to “Cornelius” … All kitchen’s should have a name, don’tcha think?

CJ’s pup is thriving … ‘Lil Miss’ (yorkie girl) has Momma all to herself.  Did some supplemental feeding just to make sure she was meeting her caloric needs while Mom’s milk is coming in.

The laundry WAS caught up – ‘til my teenage boys cleaned up their bedrooms … Oh well – guess I know what THEY’LL be doing this weekend.

Had an impromptu meeting with soon-to-be Neo-parents … Nice folks, nice visit.

The house will be presentable for tonight’s company … There will be no white-glove test, or peeking in the closets – but otherwise presentable.  And … I got the (Neo) website updated/emails sent … Love this picture!


Plan to make Sausage-N-Squash Soup for dinner … Hope everyone else likes it – but I know I will!  Smile  Throw in an ice-cream cake for dessert … No one should leave hungry!  But now it’s time for bed … need to get an early start … ummm, later TODAY!

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