Someday …

write a bookI may just write a book … full of bizarre ER stories – so insane, that no one will believe them … But in the meantime, I’ll just shake my head and marvel at what people do and say …

I’m getting down to my final scheduled shifts at my current hospital … I know I’m just switching ‘grass varieties’, and there is no greener grass to be found, but at least once each shift, I am reminded of why it’s time for a change.

Had a great visit with my folks last week.  The kids have even more ‘stuff’ to spoil them.  And it’s great to meet up with my step-mom, who is also an ER nurse.  She confirms that it’s darn-near-impossible to be in health care without shaking your head … People are strange!

Looking ahead:  Tuesday is my tough day this week … the DARN SANE meeting and another 8 hour orientation shift.  But then – it’s smooth sailing, until I get to the weekend, when (someday -) I’ll be forced to recognize I’ve turned another year older.  But for now, I’ll be turning 29 again.  I’ll just keep doing that until I get it right!  Winking smile

Studio news:  Still plugging away at getting the new studio done.  Had our cable provider out today, and the studio is now sporting her own satellite dish … It’s great to be a brat!  Got some more painting done this morning.  I hope to wrap up the kitchen and COE-90 [glass] area (the partial wall) within the next day or so.  Then, it’s just a few final painting areas (like the two story stairwell, with it’s 20 foot tall wall!) Disappointed smile  And then finally flooring!!  It’s crazy, how excited I am to move some 200 pounds of glass, box upon box of supplies, and some pretty heavy equipment (like the coffin kiln) … But, it’s true!  I can’t wait …

Happy Halloween All!

halloween bettyboop

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