Time flies …

I can’t believe it’s Thursday ALREADY … Where’d the week go?

The good news – I finally have my chores done for the week – so tomorrow is ALL MINE!  (I even sound like a [2 year old] brat, don’t I??? Mine, mine, MINE! … Oh well – I’m okay with it! Smile)  DH has jury duty tomorrow (HAHA!) … So, I even get the house to myself for a bit!  LOVE IT!

Got through Tuesday’s DARN SANE – basically because I ran from the meeting to errands to my new job – no time to dwell on crappy, creepy, despicable human behavior. (And I’m not going to think about it now …)

Had our weekly photo shoot.  I love puppies!  The Neo pups are 5 wks old now, and so darn cute!

caesar4 marco4 dom3

Not to be left out … Lil Miss, the Yorkie pup, is one week old.  Here she is in DH’s giant hands.  We’ve been hobby breeding for over 10 years now, and I swear I learn something new every litter.  This one has CJ (Mom) being very stingy with bringing in her milk supply.  I assume because of the small litter size (1 pup), thus the diminished demand … although Lil Miss is a strong, hungry little girl.  So – we’re supplementing a few times each day – just to be sure. 

lilmiss    lilmiss-1wk-old

And … Happy Dance Time … the new studio is painted!  (Yeah, OK – DH says the ceiling needs to be touched up, but I’m letting him have that job.)  I do believe we’re finally ready for flooring – after a whole lot of clean-up …

kitchen-COE90-area   coe90areastudio-rec-room-area   main-studio

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