Post-Birthday Blues

So, I’ve rolled into my 42nd year of life with a head cold and messed-up back … [WHINE]

But, I have great coworkers and family who leave me feeling loved.  Had an awesome potluck at work, received a major contribution of glass bottles, and … singing.  OK – the singing part wasn’t so great, but I still feel loved.  Hugs from my kids, a shopping spree at my favorite home décor shop, a book about goats (too darn cute!), an oven for my dye-sub (watch out treat canisters, here I come …), and a new floor being installed in the studio … Yep, I feel loved.

I could go on about the patients at work, but let’s just leave it with this … (there was a recurring theme Saturday night,) I promise myself [and everyone else] that I will NEVER become obsessed with my bowel habits, movements or lack thereof.  I promise to NEVER share stories of the big one (that got away – thank goodness!), colors, textures, etc.  Cross my heart and pinky-swear!!

Our oldest son got a job!  This is great news, as he finally figured out the not-so-subtle hints I’ve been delivering about him driving.  (In our house, you have to be able to pay your car insurance and put gas in the tank of the car we give you in order to drive on a regular basis …)  I’m happy for him!

The studio – here’s a pic for comparison:  Pre-clean-up and one from Saturday, before DH started in on the floor.  (I hope to have one later this week showing the flooring complete!  But, also realize, we’ve come a long way in the last 33 days – when the first pic was taken …)

studio-renovation=mess 11-5-11-studio

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