Flooring … it’s a beautiful thing!

Had to stop for a minute to share a few pictures …

Here’s the studio with flooring and trim in place … That would be DH on the couch, who quickly lost consciousness as he looked over the ‘punch list’ … There’s still a lot of work to do – but I LOVE IT!!


And here’s the kitchen, with my new (used) stove in place.  Can’t use it yet, as it’s not wired, but it sure looks pretty – just sittin’ there … Smile


And a quick pic of Lil Miss … who turns two weeks old today.  Her eyes should open within the next week or so …


Have my last orientation shift later today.  Officially start there on Sunday … I hope to get pictures of the Neo pups today and catch up on some laundry, so I can keep playing in the studio on Friday … we’ll see.

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