Time for the next chapter …

I have my last shift at the hospital tonight… Spent the last 8 years there, learned a lot, have so many good memories, but now it’s time to turn the page … I start at my new job tomorrow in a stand-alone ER.

Studio news:  The renovation is coming along – thank goodness!  Kiln glass work has all but stopped, and I’m going through withdrawals … DH is wiring for the kilns now, and should start in on the work tables this week.  But here’s what we have to show today … I took some of our OLD furniture (from our first house – 20+ years ago – when shiny brass was my favorite) and we gave it a fresh look … I like it, and it’s functional.  (DH used to paint cars for a living – so when it comes to spraying paint … he won’t even let me touch the can …)

   facelift-for-shelving  brass-shelving

And my desk … I love my desk!  repurposed-deskIt’s made from filing cabinets from my first hospital (you can even see the ‘Narcotic Book’ label – back before the days of computerized inventory, when nurses had to count narcs every shift) and a door from my last hospital.  All salvaged from remodeling.  It’s huge!  I laugh every time I walk by it.  But don’t worry.  I’m certain I’ll have the surface filled up in no time. Smile

Pups – all doing well.  I’ll leave with a quick pic of Mogley – such a photogenic boy – with Tunie checking stuff out behind him!


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