WWU – It’s All Good …

Officially worked at the new job this past weekend … Suffered a moment’s panic, when 10 minutes into the shift, the one and only patient in the department was discharged … “Holy Cow, this is going to be an insufferably long 12 hours – OMG, what have I done?” was my thought.  But then things picked up.  Nothing crazy-busy, but some nice folks, interesting cases, good care.  

But then … in a weak moment, I agreed to work for a friend/coworker at the hospital ER on Monday night (it was the right thing to do, but still …).  I was in charge … (WTH!?!)  To add salt to the exhaustion … I had a kindergarten ‘princess’ cough right in my face.  I slept for too long yesterday, which leaves me wondering if I’m coming down with her crud.  Joy!  So, now it’s 3am Wednesday morning, but it feels like it should be Monday. 

Studio news:  We’re starting the move … While the punch list is still pretty long, the kilns are wired, so it’s time to start glass work again.  Still a lot of moving to do, but it’s finally happening!

punch-list  moving-mayhem

4-Legged news:  The pups are all doing great.  The Neo pups will be moving on to their new homes this weekend.  [I’m sad, but our new parents are bursting at the seams to bring their babies home …]  And Lil Miss, the Yorkie pup is growing and settling into a routine with Mom.  I haven’t had any of the Yorks in the new studio yet, but the Neo’s have all seen it, christened it (with drool) and seem to approve. Smile

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