Month: December 2011

Just a tad more excitement …

before closing out the 2011 year … On Thursday, while coming home from promised clothes shopping – my daughter and I discovered a ‘present’ at the end of our driveway.  Some stellar member of our community decided to dump 40+ old tires. … Read More

Squawkers galore …

Sienna started having her pups about 3 hours after my last post.  I quickly recognized that we were in for the ‘all day’ plan .. so Tuesday was spent reassuring mom; catching babies, tying umbilical cords; enticing Mom with vanilla ice cream,… Read More

Zentangle … WTH???

Wow … I’ve just come across the nuttiest marketing ploy … In my eagerness to find supplies for embossing glass and metal, I’ve been searching all things related to stamping/scrap-booking.  I stumbled on a word (“ZENTANGLE”), which is associated with all sorts… Read More

‘Twas Two Days After Christmas …

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring – except for me … WWU – It was unexpectedly busy in my stand-alone ER over Christmas weekend.  I really thought more folks would be staying home … NOPE.  We had a… Read More

Bring it!! ….

So … I am officially ready for this holiday season … with almost 2 hours to spare, no less!  Yep – everything is made/bought/wrapped/swept/cleaned/spit-shined … WHEW!  I have a little food prep to deal with tomorrow – but I went with a… Read More

Whirlwinds in December …

WWU – Sunday was busy for my new little ER … and I had three (no really, count them –T.H.R.E.E.) patients transferred for hospital admission!  Sure made the weekend go by quickly … as will this one coming up, I’m sure: Lots… Read More

This Elf is Ready for a Break

I’ve been working hard this week … shipping packages daily, cranking out personalized ornament orders (both of which I love), getting the computers talking to each other (networked – so I can access pictures/info in the new studio), loading drivers and photo-editing… Read More

It’s still a full moon … WWU

While the lunar status doesn’t quite mean what it did at the hospital ER, you can still tell when the moon is full … bizarre and unusual people were out in full force this weekend. Had a great family night – in… Read More

And She’s Off …

FINALLY have the production kiln running – as I type.  AND … the coffin-kiln is loaded – ready to start tomorrow morning, when I can be in the studio for at least the first 8 hours (until we hit the magic 1500… Read More

Evil Strikes Again … (WWU)

While I was trying to get through my weekend at work – doing good deeds, like starting IV’s on septic infants (SUCCESS!) – the dark side struck … Yep – the biological mother rose up from the depths of Hades to mess… Read More