‘Twas Two Days After Christmas …

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring – except for me …

WWU – It was unexpectedly busy in my stand-alone ER over Christmas weekend.  I really thought more folks would be staying home … NOPE.  We had a bit of everything: behavioral medicine complaints, intoxicants, lacerations, food poisoning, the never-ending FLU … along with some sick folk requiring hospital admission.  I hit the 24 hour mark (without sleep) mid-Christmas morning – trying to enjoy watching the family open their gifts, when my eyelids started closing on their own. (But we had a great Christmas, and I am reminded how lucky I am to have such wonderful family and friends in my life!)

Now – two days later and well rested … I have a hankering to try out a new media: embossing metal.  So, I’ve been scouring the ‘net, learning all about the necessary equipment, techniqueembossed-mats and limitations.  It’s got my head spinning and ideas bubbling over … Mixed media ideas could be lots of fun, too – trying to encompass metal, glass and dye-sub, OH MY …

This is the image that started it all … it’s a piece of embossed mat for framing pictures … I found it on Etsy and had to figure out how it was made.  From there, the search moved to die cut machines, UTEE, all sorts of scrap-booking products, alcohol inks (NOT what I originally thought Winking smile) … WOW!  Loads of fun stuff. 

Meanwhile – my studio is being warmed by my kiln … with bottles slumping.  Due to Christmas commitments/chaos, both DH and I failed to realize how low the propane level was getting … Oops.  I’m hopeful the refueling truck will be here today!  It’s all good though, as we are awaiting the arrival of our latest litter of pups.  Mom has entered the ‘beached whale’ stage of pregnancy and wants us close-by for love, reassurance and treats!

DH has the ‘Bedford-esque’ table put together.  The protective clear finish is still drying, so I’m not allowed to put anything on it yet – but here are some photos …  I love it!  And finally, my glass frit jars will find happy homes in all of those cubbies!  Smile

my-bedford-table    my-bt2

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