Bring it!! ….

So … I am officially ready for this holiday season … with almost 2 hours to spare, no less!  Yep – everything is made/bought/wrapped/swept/cleaned/spit-shined … WHEW!  I have a little food prep to deal with tomorrow – but I went with a simple menu, so … Welcome, Christmas 2011 – I am ready for you!

I will admit – I did cheat just a bit.  After getting NO WHERE asking my teenage kids what gifts they wanted – what their little hearts most desired, MULTIPLE times, with no realistic answers (the new corvette and shopping spree in Paris were quickly dismissed … the maid/servant idea did warrant a second thought, though …??? Smile).  Anyway … I went shopping for stocking stuffers and small gifts.  The bulk of their gift will be cold, hard cash with a few shopping trips planned over the Christmas break.  Spend it, save it – or blow it in the school ‘gift shop’ (with candy and Ho-Ho’s galore) … it’s up to them.

So – deadline met … it’s time for a little Christmas ‘spirit’ … Merry Christmas ALL!!


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