Whirlwinds in December …

WWU – Sunday was busy for my new little ER … and I had three (no really, count them –T.H.R.E.E.) patients transferred for hospital admission!  Sure made the weekend go by quickly … as will this one coming up, I’m sure: Lots of holiday gatherings by day and work at night … Come on insomnia – don’t fail me now!  Smile

But – before we get to Christmas weekend, I have to get ready for it … Wow, I’ve left a lot for last-minute this year.  It’s all good, I’ve never missed a dead-line yet … but, I’m feeling the stress of this final whirlwind push …

I have taken a little time to play in the studio and on the computer – I made some mugs for my grandparentsphone-cover (dye-sub), got a few more items checked off the studio renovation punch list, and ordered a new cover for my cell phone.  This last one’s kinda neat:  As a stereotypical ER nurse, I live on caffeine … for me, it’s Diet Coke.  A while back a co-worker tuned me into the MyCokeRewards website, where you can earn points for various merchandise.  After saving my special codes for a few months, I’ve just ordered a customized cover from skinit.com … for FREE.  Here’s a quick pic taken from my monitor.

DH is building the last of my work tables … it’s modeled after the ‘Bedford’ table from Pottery Barn, but has a maple butcher block surface that DH is making from lumber he milled from a downed-tree … pretty cool!!  And – it doesn’t have the $1000 price tag –   Very Cool!!  Smile

2011-12-20_21-18-58_573    2011-12-19_11-26-44_64

And lastly – a quick pic of Lil Miss … whom my daughter is now calling ‘Rosie’ … (???).  She is transitioning to solids well and loves playing with the gang (here she is with CJ, Winston and YodaKei):


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