Zentangle … WTH???

Wow … I’ve just come across the nuttiest marketing ploy … In my eagerness to find supplies for embossing glass and metal, I’ve been searching all things related to stamping/scrap-booking.  I stumbled on a word (“ZENTANGLE”), which is associated with all sorts of DVD’s, books, computer programs, pen supplies, etc.  So, I flipped to YouTube for further clarification … Turns out Zentangle is the new word for DOODLING … ‘They’ have turned doodling into “ART” – making it sound so much more complex than imaginable. 

One video I am sad to say I wasted time watching, went so far as to explain that zentangling is designed to “relax you/lower your blood pressure, so if you find yourself getting stressed, step away from your piece immediately!” … For goodness sake, REALLY?!?  Our society has really come to this point?  We need direction, videos, tutorials and books on doodling – something we had the ability to do without instruction since the age of 5 … ??? [Shakes head in stupefied wonder]

While I absolutely agree that people have varying degrees of drawing talent, and I have always been in awe of those with innate artistic abilities … it (obviously) bothers me that there is a market for instruction on drawing random lines, circles, squares and dots …

I’m going to step away from the computer now and go DOODLE!


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