Squawkers galore …

Sienna started having her pups about 3 hours after my last post.  I quickly recognized that we were in for the ‘all day’ plan .. so Tuesday was spent reassuring mom; catching babies, tying umbilical cords; enticing Mom with vanilla ice cream, hot dogs and canned food; trips in and out of the house – as we were never quite sure what that pressure/urge meant … only one pup delivered in the snow, thank you very muchDSC00621 – and he’s doing fine.

Now, some 40 hours later, Mom is eating and drinking and transitioning to motherhood beautifully.  And the pups are converting well to life on the outside … latching on, scooting about and being available for mom’s kamikaze cleaning sprees/repositioning spins.

Meanwhile – we’re all sitting close, ‘babysitting’ – which gives me lots of net-surfing time (and the kids are mastering their new video games).  I was bad … (can’t even pretend it was just a little-bit bad) I now have all SORTS of embossing/die-cutting equipment on it’s way to me.  Won’t be long now … Oh, Amazon.com – how I love you!

embossed metal

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