When it rains …

What was initially pretty amusing to me is now causing all sorts of grief … DH’s jury duty!  A simple case that should have been resolved within one day (if not half a day) is now dragging out.  Forget my studio – we have final vet appointments, airline flights and new parent visits to attend to.  And, just for fun … our teenage offspring are all acting up right now too!  Anyone want to stand-in to be my child-rearing/kitchen help/general labor assistant – just until DH has fulfilled his civic duty???

I have managed to pack a few more studio boxes … in between re-directing the adolescent aliens that inhabit this house.  My youngest daughter should  be working on her second 500-word essay of the week, this one on ‘why bickering with [read: screeching at] your siblings and ignoring your parents is unacceptable behavior’.  Guess I’d better go check …

teenage werewolf

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