WWU … Hmm – I like it!

Got through another weekend … this one completely at the new job.  It is definitely changing grass varieties – had one visitor complain that the magazine selection was lacking and outdated … umm, OK, I’ll work on that … (???)  But it’s good, too.  I have the time to educate and keep my patient’s updated.  I have the chance to talk (more) with our medical providers to discuss cases, learn and assure optimal care.  I like that!

Adam-LevineI also had a minute to watch the American Music Awards – and saw Maroon 5’s Adam Levine (singing with Christina Aguilera – in her itty-bitty aluminum foil dress – very sad).  I like Adam Levine though … cute boy! Surprised smile

Later today will be all about errands: Pups moving on to their new homes, more Home Depot/Lowe’s shopping, post-office, grocery store, etc.  DH is finally done with his jury duty … the case is closed (with a guilty verdict – you just can’t drink and drive in this county!).  So, he can assist with the to-do list, Thank Goodness! 

We got a bit more done in the studio … My coffin is wired and in place on a tiled platform (raising it to a nice working height)!  So beautiful!!  My kitchen – (almost) done, as we were having major issue with the microwave fitting on the shelf due to the outlet placement … And, I primed the bathroom – so it’s finally ready for paint and assembly (installing the light fixture, wainscoting, flooring and sink)!  One step at a time, I know, but I’m getting really behind in glass projects, and the list of requested items is growing out of control!  [Deep breath …]  Here’s Monday night photos:

coffins-new-home   kitchen-done   BR---primed

And a quick pic of Lil Miss … who has opened her eyesSmile  This was after a supplemental feeding – so please excuse the wet face … she’s such a strong little thing!


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