The tickets are bought … the deal is done!

Woohoo!! NoteI’m going on VACATION!!!Note  The DH and I try to get away every year, but some years – it’s a question mark … can we financially swing it?  The mystery has been solved yet once more.  YAY!!  Look out paradise, here we come …  Yeah, ok, in like 53 days, 13 hours and 47 minutes … but who’s counting???

Before you feel bad for the kids, or call protective services on me … they will be well cared for and have a vacation (of sorts) of their own.  Poppa and Grandma will be staying with them … So, a week of ice cream, HoHo’s and junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner; no chores, as Poppa takes care of all that for them; and at least one school skip day, shopping trip, etc. … shoot, he probably doesn’t even make them brush their teeth – but I don’t want to think about that …

paradiseWe’ll be heading to a tropical island, with nothing to do but lounge, soak up the sun and drink ‘island spirits’ … it’s my own liver function test … and I joke when I come back, is it a tan coloring my skin … or jaundice??  Either way, it eventually fades – so it’s all good!

OK … time to get back to reality … at least for the next 53 days, 13 hours and 42 minutes … Watch out tax papers – here I come!


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