And on the 5th day …

Patiently waiting for my kiln to cool down so I can remove the pieces … yea, so I’m not so patient … I took some pictures still in the kiln.  I’m not sure I like my big fall slab in this mold.  I may rework it … But I do like some of the other bowls …


Next week – in between tax prep – I’ll be working on some bottle slumpings and ornament ideas.  And – my paints should arrive … so I hope to be painting on glass …

boringlectureHad another mandatory in-service today … I swear ‘they’ come up with some of these classes just to torment me!  This one is for our new section – the Senior ED.  I just KNOW that Gramps, with his possible broken ankle wants to go through 20 minutes of cognitive assessments, drawing clocks, and answering questions about depression and alcohol intake!  WTH!!  As I sat through this craziness, all I kept hearing is, “yep – those that can’t do … TEACH!”

After that – I’m so depressed myself, I need to meet up with some coworkers to commiserate while consuming alcohol! Smile


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