I’m OK – and you’re OK – cuz I say so ….

So – after commiserating with co-workers, it has been decided … I’m not ‘demented’, depressed (*inappropriately so), or an alcoholic (*when compared to my cohorts) … so all is well!  Bring on the Senior ED!!!

In other news – Yoda Kei is routinely taking 4 tsp+ per feeding … way up from previous weeks …  And I’ve touched base with my specialist vet, just to see if we should be doing anything more for him.  We’ll have a ‘look-see’ appointment in the upcoming days, but all still looks promising for my little ‘misfit’!

salvidordaliclockIn my post-inebriated stupor – I feel that life is good.  Who knows what the next 20 yrs will bring … ???  But, I feel like I’m doing the best I’m able – for me and anyone who’s life I touch – for now …  My promise:  Anyone reporting to me in the ER for ankle pain will have their pain addressed before we talk about drawing clock faces …

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