Weekend wrap-up … Contrary

I think it’s something when a 92 year old says to you, “… well at least you have your head on straight …”.  I had just popped in to her room to draw blood per the request of the medical floor she was on.  “Thanks”, I said aloud while thinking, ‘Wow – if this is all it takes, I am soo impressive’ …

And then I went back to the ER – where I couldn’t ‘heal’ fast enough, expedite quick enough, or medicate with enough narcotics to please my own patient population.  Contrary is the word for this weekend, from curmudgeon patients with extremely dry senses of humor (that only I seemed to appreciate) to my own co-workers who wanted to snap, snarl and rehash (read: ‘bitch, bitch, gripe’) all weekend long … Throw in a few 40+ year old “Mama’s boys” who had the flu … and you’re starting to feel my pain.  Oh, wait!  Did I mention?  … Just for fun – our ER is renovating/remodeling – yeah, that NEVER adds stress …

But, alas … it’s over for another 5 day window.  This is shaping up to be a busy week: 

  • Another DARN SANE meeting (shall I predict it now? … umm, “People suck!”)
  • Yet another mandatory work in-service – this one the yearly competencies, which include such ridiculous annual topics as ‘back safety’!
  • Christmas with my Dad’s side of the family (we’re a medical family – we celebrate when our schedules finally mesh …) – which means deep-cleaning the house, dragging out the wrapping paper again, developing and producing a menu … all to maintain my ‘June Cleaver’ aura …
  • ‘Puppy watch’ – for one of our Neo’s, as we roll in to her delivery ‘window’
  • Tax papers … yeah, it’s moved to the bottom of the list this week

Where will I squeeze in studio time? … Oh yeah – in the wee hours of an insomniac’s ‘morning’ … Smile


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