I’m workin’ on it …

Went to the DARN SANE meeting before the big storm started … [yes – People suck!  Are there any members of my community that aren’t sexually abusing people/beating their kids???]  Now, I’m snuggled in for a long winter’s nap, hot toddy in hand …

I made a large pot of chicken noodle soup (the DH is sick – Lord help me!  It’s a basic cold, but you’d think he was dyin’); we’re stocked up on Hot Cocoa; there’s gas for the generator – so the kilns can keep kicking … I think we’re ready for this temper tantrum from Mother Nature …

Here’s the dilemma … I’m waiting for packages to arrive (mail order) for Christmas with my Dad on Friday … It would really mess with my Martha Stuart image if I have Christmas with no presents!  Plus – we’ve ordered fun, new cell (smart) phones.  I really want my mail lady, FedEx man and UPS guy to make it to my house!!!  Sad smile

Got through some more tax papers … Now to pack it all up, clear off the dining room table and start the white-glove cleaning!  I’ve made the ‘to-do’ lists – nothing left now but do it!  Ugghhh!  I’ll start tomorrow … Angel

Yoda Kei:  Is giving kisses on a regular basis; working his way up to one ounce at a feeding; is starting to toddle-walk and play (a little); and has become a real stinker – if the formula temperature isn’t ‘just right’ (warm enough), he turns his head away and spew/drools the rest out of his mouth, and he’s darn near impossible to get a good picture of these days.  Can’t do it before his feeding, and he’s a wet mess after … the little bugger!  Smile

YK YodaKei1month YK4wks

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