Month: February 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up … Ouch and Yuck!

That sums up the weekend.  Very busy with needy patients and families on Saturday … Needy as in sick (really sick, sepsis sick); ‘Super-Sized Jerry Springer drama’ families; dedicated drug seekers that would not take no for an answer.  Plus I had… Read More

Ahhhh … for the moment

Maggie is back to her fat-healthful-state.  The taxes are done, now to make the appointment.   And it’s time to get ready for work … I can’t imagine life possibly getting any better … Yeah … ok … maybe a thing or two… Read More

Certified – or certifiable … ???

Thank you Lord!  I have successfully completed the mandatory GENE training (Geriatric Emergency Nurse Education) … What does this mean?  I can spout random statistics, irrelevant factoids and common sense issues regarding elderly patients.  Thank goodness!  I feel like I’m a better… Read More

When the to-do list is no fun … play with puppies!

So, my should-do list is growing out of control … taxes, competency tests, appointments, meetings, house work  … YUCK!  No studio time … but I do have puppy time!  We had our first Neo pup ‘photo shoot’ today … they are growing… Read More

Weekend wrap-up … let it snow

Looks like ‘Snowmageddon’ finally hit – or I should say ‘is hitting’, as I believe they’re still calling for more today and tomorrow – this time without all the hoopla and forewarning … So we had two types of patients last night: … Read More

Creative Blahs …

It’s Thursday … it was a beautiful day temperature-wise.  I didn’t even mind all the mud.  I’ve finished my ‘DARN SANE’ call for the week.  I’ve had multiple visitors over the last few days (Yorkie pups).  I have a houseful of adorable,… Read More

News from the Den …

I have such great friends!  In the last week, I’ve been given a ton of bottles!  Now to spend my dog-sitting-duty time soaking labels and scrubbing bottles, in between switching pups and feeding Liv … I think I’ll try quenching glass this week…. Read More

If A and B then G, else … (AKA Weekend Wrap-up)

Or something like that … It rings a distant bell for some type of math – or maybe it’s HTML coding … ??? Anyway – that’s about how much sense our new Senior ED ‘criteria’  is making right now: … If the… Read More

Studio News …

I’ve gotten a few pendants and badge reels pulled together … just quick projects.  And I continue to re-photo some ‘older’ pieces – as I realize now just how horrible the lighting was in some of my initial listings …     … Read More

Technology … Day 2

So … here’s what you can do when you are on pup-duty all day, have your smart phone, a lap top … and 12 sweet puppies … I love puppies …