Certified – or certifiable … ???

Thank you Lord!  I have successfully completed the mandatory GENE training (Geriatric Emergency Nurse Education) … What does this mean?  I can spout random statistics, irrelevant factoids and common sense issues regarding elderly patients.  Thank goodness!  I feel like I’m a better nurse already.  But, the really cool news (outside of the fact that I am out of that online computer HELL of a program, and I gained CEU’s – always helpful!) – I can cross two more competencies off my should-do list!!

Now, if I can just wrap up our taxes … I know, I’m procrastinating and whining … what would the ENA nurses (creators of GENE training) have to say … ???  Certainly depressed, possibly delusional or even demented … Smile It’s just that I really want to get back to some studio time, dang it!  And all of this LIFE stuff (work, governmental requirements, insurance testing, etc.) is getting in the way!  And my Maggie (10 y/o Yorkie) is sick … she’s running a fever and isn’t eating/drinking enough … so we’re going to the vet today.


2 Comments on “Certified – or certifiable … ???”

    • Thank you.  She is on antibiotics for a UTI.  She’s doing much better – eating (although she never lost her appetite for small bits of ham – her favorite snack), drinking and afebrile!  She’s our first York … my permanent lap fixture.  While at one time she was a ‘svelte’ 5-5.5 pounds, now she’s a ‘robust’ 8 # and answers to her nicknames of “Peanut Butter”, “Butter Cup” and “Fat Butt” … 🙂

      I will follow to hear more about the Carson/Romeo peace treaty!  Our (Yorkie) boys, Chauncey and Winston play growling games at the food bowl, as Winston dive bombs under Chauncey to ‘sneak’ pieces of kibble Chauncey has decided to ‘guard’ … 🙂  Fortunately (for us) – that’s as far as it goes …


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