Weekend Wrap-Up … Ouch and Yuck!

That sums up the weekend.  Very busy with needy patients and families on Saturday … Needy as in sick (really sick, sepsis sick); ‘Super-Sized Jerry Springer drama’ families; dedicated drug seekers that would not take no for an answer.  Plus I had to complete a CSC (rape) case in the ER.  I hate that … I spent as much time with the victim as I could, but still … just not the ideal place for that complaint!

As the weekend progressed – it didn’t get much better … I took care of a patient that had such a medical EMERGENCY that she was able to complain multiple times within the first 5 minutes that the TV in her room was broken.  Customer service super-agent that I am, I moved her to a new room (with functioning TV), once she ‘stabilized’ … (read: went outside to smoke and call friends.)  And don’t even get me started on the flu patients …

I will spend the week re-embracing my New Year’s resolution …  I will not take things personally, I will not get upset with dumb people, I will be kinder-gentler … or I will seriously consider a job as a gas pump attendant … it’s a pretty cool hat!

gas attendant

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