I’m back …

The to-do list has shrunken to an acceptable level … this means my kilns have been running!  YAY!!  I have a large blank cooling in the production kiln and bottles slumping in the coffin, as I type.  Oh, I like this MUCH better!  The new color combinations and finished-product ideas are flowing (haha) like crazy … so my creativity is back too!  I hope to have some new night lights and focus on some larger 14+ inch bowls …

Large blue blank

I’m making rice pudding (first time) and Squash (with Italian Sausage) soup … for dinner tomorrow, as I‘ll be finishing up the last of the (latest) work competencies tomorrow … Yep, I like this MUCH BETTER … 

I’ll leave you with a quick pic of Momma Liv cuddling with some of her pups … Awww.


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