Den update and studio time …

The Neo pups have started in on gruel … and they love it!  Of course, they  have to wear as much as they eat.  And more times then not, they climb right into the bowl, as it apparently tastes better that way!  Smile In between eating, there is still lots of sleeping and growing going on … Mountains of puppies in the whelping box.

Neopupeating sleepingneopups Neopups

The Yorkie clan:  Yoda Kei is healthy and sassy, never letting his smaller size slow him down from keeping up with his very playful littermates (I gave up trying to get good pictures, as they are constant motion!) … Zettie is a mountain goat, trying to climb from my lap to my chest … Zonie is more reserved, preferring to cuddle in a lap, especially on her back for belly rubs.  And Kong is in the middle – not quite the courageous forager like Zettie, discovering new lands and hilltops, but content to follow in her footsteps in between naps.  I took his ears down (out of tape) and they held for a day, but then started to droop.  Back to the tape and that pathetic look for you, buddy.


Studio … I keep the blanks coming as I’m really liking this pressed glass look.  I think I want to make night lights out of this, but I like it whole too, so maybe a bowl …  (And I’m still running wine bottles in the coffin.)


With all of this productive/camera time, I think I’ve earned a glass of wine … Smile

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