Graduation day …

Yoda Kei and his littermates ‘graduated’ to their next nursery …  They turned 4 wks old today, and are now big enough to cruise around in the mud room.  Monet likes it too – being able to join the rest of our gang in between feeding her crew.  Tunie’s pups were curious, so Griffin, Cooper and Dahlia checked the babies out … that’s Griffin sayin’ Hi!

I took pictures … unfortunately – they were after I fed Yoda and before Monet gave him his bath …

Yorkie nurseryYK in btw his sistersMonet's pups 4 wks oldYoda Kei 4 wksGriffin says hi!

In other news:  Our youngest daughter has made the school basketball team!  I’m proud of her!  And yet – I’m also dreading the additional ‘taxi service’ duties it adds … Disappointed smile

Finally got around to the de-bubbling run … my extra large blank is now ready for slumping!  I can’t wait to see this done and on my kitchen table!  I’ve also been adding some items to the shop, like the Shades of Amber Bowl.  And – don’t tell the spousal unit, but I made another order for glass supplies … this time heavy on the glass paints, cuz I have ideas … Smile

my large blankShades of Amber Bowl

And, we’ve started sorting through a years worth of tax papers … can’t see our dining room table – but it’s a start!  Oh how I love tax season …

Tax season

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