Changing my ways … oh, the stench

I’ve spent the last week or so reading someone else’s blog … she’s a fellow crafter, young mother, and has been blogging for 5 yrs (means I had a lot of reading to do) … It’s been interesting to follow her life (she’s moved 3 times cross-country style, had two children, opened her Etsy shop, struggled with ‘life’ at times, etc.) … She’s an upbeat person, who focuses on staying positive.  I’ve thought about that a lot.  It’s not that I’m not positive, but I can’t shake my sarcastic shell.  I thought about trying for a bit, but it’s so much a part of me … it would mean a complete mid-life overhaul.  Nah … I’m ok with who I am, but I will TRY to stick with my kinder-gentler mindset …

imagesCAKOD9T1Case in point – ‘The stench story’ … A few weeks back I discharged a little old lady from the ER who had been ignored by our staff for too long.  In an effort to ensure she left feeling cared for and satisfied, I spent some time just talking with her.  She’s a 70+ y/o ‘farm girl’ – complete with several missing teeth – which did not distract from her wrinkled cuteness (??… OK, yeah – she was cute).  She had a simple UTI (bladder infection) and had the unfortunate timing of seeking treatment on a busy night – hence the ignoring that unintentionally occurred.  As we were (I hoped) wrapping up our conversation, she said to me, “Now, if I could just get rid of that stench …”, and points to her pelvic region.  What?!?  Oh … I sooo didn’t want to go there with our conversation, but – felt duty bound:

  • me:  “I’m sorry …???”
  • Granny:  “The stench … the doctors gave it to me.”
  • me:  (Lord help me, please …) “The doctors …???”
  • Granny:  “Yeah, they said I had stones, so they put the stench in.”
  • me: ??? … realization dawns … “Oooohhh – the STENT!  To help you with kidney stones.”
  • Granny:  “Yeah, that’s it.”

Sarcastic-me will ALWAYS find that funny!  The moments of pure dread and horror as I fast-forwarded in my mind what Granny might be referring to, and what all that would entail (pelvic exams – with ‘stench’ rolling out like THE FOG to fill up the small room … protective service referrals, etc.) … only to discover that her missing teeth, southern drawl, and geriatric mind has her pronouncing words just a tad bit differently … Smile


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