Weekend Wrap-Up

fullmoon2I never even looked to see if it was a full moon, but based on our patients … I’d say so!  This weekend’s complaints can be summed up as GI flu (never-ending!), OB (and) GYN, and Psych (Behavioral Medicine, to be P.C.) … much of it routine, some of it humorous, and some heart-wrenching (read: mid-pregnancy imminent delivery/miscarriage  [yes, in our NON-OB hospital] and young [7-13 y/o] psych patients).



My advice (this week, anyway …):  While adventurous intimacy can be exciting … ‘swinging from the chandelier’ can land you in the ER – requiring surgery no less!!  Use judgment – it might just save your genitalia!


Working with strong-willed coworkers (both doctors and nurses) can be a challenge … and guess what?  The ER attracts strong-minded individuals … It’s tough when that strong will is competing with experience.   Throw in some kind of ego-complex to boot – and it makes for a trying weekend.  In other words, I’m tired of patiently redirecting new residents/doctors/nurses down the better path – gently, of course – so they can believe it was their idea … kinda feels like I’m banging my head against a brick wall …

And to sum up the weekend – in an oh-so-NON-politically-correct way … “I need a hockey-helmet, STAT!”


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