Week Wrap-up

I realize my life is set up different than most … My ‘work week’ begins on Saturday and ends at 7am Monday morning, but I like to think I cram a whole lot of headache, turmoil, drama, etc into that 48 hour window (enough to equal most folks work week) …

So for me, Friday marks the end of my ‘weekend’ … Smile

Studio news:  I’ve listed a few items in the shops – my Koi Platter, Monet Trinket bowl and Summer Landscape bowl … I’m going to start listing a few items regularly verses bulk listing in one day.  I’ll try it and see if that works better for me …

DSC08848 DSC08814 DSC05069

I’ve not had the kilns as active this week as I like … but, life happens, so I roll with it.  Had a SANE call that tied me up for the bulk of Wednesday night (7p-12mn), and tomorrow is John’s birthday (– the guy is getting OLD! And I can say that, since I’m almost 3 yrs younger Open-mouthed smile), so I made this cake for him … I haven’t made a German Chocolate cake from scratch in years … but that’s what he wanted, so there you have it.  It’s been so long, that I couldn’t find my 3 special pans and had to make do with 3 different sized spring form pans … Makes for a funny-shaped cake, but what’cha gonna do?  Smile 


Have folks stopping by to meet Tunie’s pups over the next two days … Griffin has been reserved.  It’s sad, but I enjoy it too … everyone needs at least one dog, so it’s my goal to convert as many people as possible to either Yorkie- or Neo-lovers  … Smile

Yoda Kei – has definitely upped his eating volume this week – I think adding the Nutri-cal has actually increased his appetite.  And we’ve graduated to a larger syringe … he’s chugging down 3 cc’s (x3-4 fillings) at a time now, and he’s keeping up nicely – only taking a small ‘bath’ in formula …. Winking smile

DSC09223 YK3wksYKaftereating

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