We’re off to see the Wizard …

Yoda Kei and I went to the vet today … to have him checked out and see if there’s anything more that I could/should be doing.  We both ‘passed’ … I’m being a good home-dog-nurse/surrogate-mother and he’s doing well.  He weighed in at 7 ounces.  I put him a good 2 weeks (developmentally) behind his siblings … so we’ll see.  I’ve added Nutra-cal to his formula – just trying to pack in the calories.

dogbasketdorothybasketI carried him into the vet in a little wicker basket (complete with hot water bottle) … all Wizard of Oz style … except that I had the (Silence of the Lambs) movie line – “Put the dog in the basket!” stuck in my head.  Either way, I’m sure we were a sight to see … Smile 

After one of his feedings today, he started licking at my thumb, which is great!  I’m hoping within the next week or so we can (successfully) introduce gruel – but don’t want to push his little immature body too quickly.  So we’re still doing ‘a day at a time’ …

Meanwhile – I did get those pictures taken of my finished bowls … now to resize and upload to the shops  … my butt is going numb just thinking about it.

And the marble ‘full fuse’ experiment was a flop … they’re different COE’s, so the glass is breaking, but this is what I found in the kiln … even if they weren’t breaking – they aren’t pretty. Sad smile  I may try it again, just for completeness sake, making sure I just tack fuse them …


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