Winter Blues … my first treasury

I got too much sleep yesterday … Being a 3rd shifter part of the time means I’m supposed to have a 3-4 hour ‘nap’ on Mondays, so I can ‘turn around’ for the week, and try to sleep at night.  SOMEONE let me sleep for 8.5 hours yesterday … which means I’ll be up for 24+ today, in an effort to flip tonight … make sense?  No, not to my body either … Disappointed smile

Anyway, what this means is I had lots of alone time through the night, so along with catching up on missed Criminal Minds episodes, I created my first Etsy Treasury.  What is that?  I’m not really sure of the purpose (some marketing, networking, advertising perks, I suppose) … but they can be very pretty collections of interesting colors, textures and mediums … so I ‘made’ one, sorting through the more than 6 million handmade listings … Here it is:

winter blues

Kinda neat … Thumbs up

I also had some playtime/photo time with Tunie’s pups.  They’ll be 8 wks old on Thursday.  They’re so much fun to play with now, exploring everything … That’s Cooper, Griffin and Dahlia (in order).  I can’t get over how different they look from each other – it’s hard to believe they’re from the same litter … I shouldn’t be surprised, though, as I often said the EXACT same thing about our twins … Winking smile

DSC08800 DSC08765 DSC08759

I have my next coffin de-bubbling almost ready to go … some final scrubbing to do.  And, I’m playing with fusing some marbles.  I wasn’t thinking when I set the kiln program though … I was shooting for a tack fuse, but ran the kiln too hot for that … so these should be interesting when they come out …

DSC08740 DSC08743

Hmmm, time for more coffee and feeding Yoda Kei …

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