Ahhh– I like …

Tonight marks the first time I’ve been in the studio for a week.  The upside – we had a great, all-be-it just a tad late Christmas with my dad, my house is CLEAN, and I have the next 3 days for nothing but studio time!  Oh, I like that!

Made some mugs for the family:


Wrapped up my night lights:

zentangle-night-light   purple-swirl-night-light   roses-are-red-night-light

Have blanks ready for pendant lamps:

pendant-lamp-blank1 pendant-lamp-round-2 pendant-lamp-blank2

And am working on loading the coffin kiln with some stamping experiments … time to see what 1500+ degrees does to this …


And – DH is making progress on his ‘Pool’ stained glass window.  During my non-studio down time, I’ve started knitting a bag that I will felt once complete.  Here’s the progress so far:

pool-stained-glass-window  knit-felt-bag-project

And … we’ll be heading to Jamaica in a few weeks … Ohhh, how I LOVE that!!!!


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