Disillusioned, disappointed and depressed …

Had another first for my ‘lil rural county yesterday – 3 SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) cases in less than 24 hours.  WTH?!?  I believe I covered every service provided to ‘adults’ by our agency (… if I didn’t – I don’t even want to think about what scenario I missed)!

So bummed at the state of my community, I felt compelled to look up our population: 181K people living over 568 square miles of area.  Sounds rural to me …  What is all this ‘big city’ sickness doing in my podunk county???

Add to it some not-so-successful stamping fusing experiments and I’m feeling very uncreative/uninspired … I definitely had more success when the bottle was stamped after slumping … Lesson learned – the hard way.  (Although, while not stamped, I do like the Red Stripe bottle – will have to bring home a few more.)

stamp-slump-before   stamp-slump-after

mas-no-bracesOn an upside – our youngest (my BABY!) got his braces off today.  No more ‘metal mouth’ in the family.  Sweet!  He gets a week full of all the popcorn he can handle before he goes back for his retainer …    

                                                                                                                    cafe-mocha        And – I am in LOVE with my new Keurig Café Mocha flavored coffee!  Like “hand-shaking, gut-clenching, caffeine overdose – and still want more” in love.  It’s so yummy it has to be high-in-calorie/bad for you … but I don’t care.  I wonder if I can buy it by-the-pallet???  24 k-cups of this ‘coffee-crack’ simply is not enough!  Disappointed smile 

I have 48 hours of free time to ‘fix myself’ before heading back to work … I can do this!  Lately, I have been fascinated with the History channel show “Swamp People” … it’s about some folks in Louisiana who hunt alligators for a living.  (You need to know – I have a very ‘girly’ fear of snakes, as well as a general dislike for swimming in non-pool bodies of water – with ‘critters’ brushing up on you that you can’t see … and I’m not really fond of boats …)  For whatever reason, this show has me wantin’ to go gator-huntin’ … and it’s on tonight!!  Smile

swamp people2

2 Comments on “Disillusioned, disappointed and depressed …”

  1. We love Swamp People. I live in the area that some of it is fimed and know a few of the guys. It’s really not very realistic, but it is still very entertaining.


    • Ohh … how cool! Have you ever been ‘gator huntin’? 🙂
      I agree about the level of (lack of) reality – but … I’m still addicted – and seriously considering (for the first time EVER) buying a TV show’s t-shirt! 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!


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