It must be winter …

(WWU) Got through another weekend … busy Saturday, but nothing critical (lots of cold and flu complaints).  My weird sleep habits had me up and wide awake at 7am this morning …WTH???  Such an unnatural hour for me.  I’ll pay for it later I’m sure … But in the meantime, I’m watching the skies unload on Michigan.  An unexpected snow fall has my yard white again.  Here’s the view from my office (old studio):


The pups are moving on to their new homes this week … with some set to fly later today.  I’m hoping this snow doesn’t have us grounded.  We’re flying to the east coast (MA, CT and ME), so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

It must be winter, as I have my yearly hankering for knitting.  I’ve fallen in love with this novelty yarn (Tutu by Crystal Palace) … it’s such a fun scarf design that I’ve just ordered several more skeins.  Smile  And my bag project is coming along nicely.  As it will be felted (shrunk), it needs to be really large prewashing to come out as a decent size once finished … I think I’ve nailed it.  A few more skeins to get the height where it needs to be, and then to design the handles …

scarves   felted-bag-project

Studio news:  I’m wanting to put some additional lighting in the studio kitchen (track lighting that looks similar to this) … so I’m working on some custom pendant shades.  As they’re in the trial stage now (trying to figure just how tall I want them) – I have a few experiments going.  More pictures to come as the project unfolds …


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