Month: March 2012

Uncle!! …

We’re making slow but steady progress.  The problem (outside of the fact that neither one of us wants to be doing this) is that our appointment is just a few days away … While I enjoy all of the small businesses DH… Read More

Hmmm … not so much

Day 2 of my self-imposed tax time-out didn’t fair so well … How can anyone concentrate when surrounded by such cute four-legged kids?  I have pictures …  Zeus loves babies – He couldn’t get enough of Yogi Bear (4.5 wk old Yorkie):… Read More

I’m in love …

With my husband (of course).  BUT – if DH were to dissolve our marriage tomorrow, I would throw myself at save myself for … Manu Bennett.  The problem (besides the fact that he doesn’t know me) is that he’s in New Zealand… Read More

He’s a little bit country, a little bit Fred Sanford …

But, I’ll keep him.  This is the view as I pull up my driveway right now … Umm, ok.  Doesn’t everyone have a hot tub in their FRONT YARD?  No … only SPECIAL  people???  Like ME!?!  The really cool news is DH… Read More

Still recuperating … but eating helps (?)

I work nights.  I do this INTENTIONALLY, as I am –apparently– a vampire.  (I’d say the non-blood kind – but my patients [whose blood I take by-the-vials] would probably disagree …)  I am ALLERGIC to mornings.  So, my week has been messed… Read More

The needles are hot – the studio is warm …

Overall, it’s a pretty cool place to be right now … The weekend is over(!), and while no one in my ‘lil ER had to endure green vomit on St Patty’s day – there were some interesting intoxicants.  I, however, was in… Read More

Just say NO!

… to GREEN VOMIT!  Seriously – if you love an ER nurse (or have any RESPECT at all – and you REALLY SHOULD, as we have access to all sorts of sharp objects, good drugs, and tubes for every orifice …) you will… Read More

She’s a bird-whisperer too …

Oh yea … I am totally the Dian Fossey/Sigourney Weaver of birds (limited only because there are no actual gorillas around here – just human impersonators).  Let me ‘splain …  Yesterday, while minding my own business in the studio, an attacker struck… Read More

Big tease, microcephalic … and faith!

As I sit in the office, nursing a cup of coffee – trying to wake up and tap into my smiling, happy, civil side (come on caffeine!) … DH is giving me a run down on the weather predictions for the next… Read More

Slowly sliding back into the groove …

WWU:  The very large (not full any longer, but still full enough to affect my county) moon did not disappoint – busy, crazy and … difficult.  But over(!) – so, moving on … I spent about an hour after getting home from… Read More