Painful – but in a good way …

Walking in a winter wonderland … It snowed most of Tuesday night, but it was so beautiful Wednesday – I couldn’t stay mad …


My new fridge arrived on Tuesday – in the middle of multiple power outages/the snow-storm.  “OK guys – the kitchen is this way,” as I wielded the flashlight like a crazed air-traffic-controller meets Jedi knight … But the fridge is in, the walls unharmed, and ‘Cooking Central’ is back in order.  And – the power has been on (uninterrupted) since Tuesday night.

As the granddaughter of someone that reupholstered furniture for a living – one might think I’d have better skills.  Sadly … I don’t.  But I still like my little bathroom chair with it’s fabric make-over.  The bathroom is officially done and open for business … Smile (PS – that would be the NEVER-used-and-relegated-to-the-barn scale that magically appeared in my studio bathroom you see hiding out under my little chair … WTH???)

chair---before       chair-done

My work-table:  4’x8’ of carpeted surface will go on top of this base.  DH decided (and I’m still not sure why) it should have oil-based enamel paint.  He voted for black (over white) and I agreed.  Of course, that was before I painted the base.  I am now sporting black-stained hands that refuse to clean up with any amount of paint thinner (and my manicure is shot – AGAIN!!)!

rough-work-table      black-work-tabe

Spent some time shopping on Wednesday … found some cute knick-knacks for the studio:  Love these …

 bathroom-jazz   chocolate   flyingpig

DH got my cabinet wall and full-sheet glass-caddy completed, while I was putting the finishing touches (paint) on the partial wall … LOVE IT ALL!!!

wall-complete sheet-caddy moldshelf-n-wineart

We’ll be moving on to the storage rooms (the last of the major interior renovation), hopefully by this weekend …

exclamation question II

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