Wet Room … and THANK YOU!

But first, my scenic cabs.  It takes 5 firings to move these bad boys from start to finish.  And, while I learned some skills and like a few of them, these just aren’t my cup of tea, overall … So, I’m not sure when I’ll revisit the technique.  I will re-fire a few of them, though, as I mixed and matched decal suppliers (different temperatures) – like the ‘I love you to the moon and back’ cab.  Anyway, here they are:

scabs   love2moon

studio-showerAnd, presenting my new studio wet room:  It’s not new, actually.  It is what one does with an existing shower in a glass studio that has problems with sulfur-smelling water (… Ummm, when said studio HAS running water) … There is no known hair conditioner that would out-stink an actual shower in it; DH claims I would have to give up 16-24 square foot of precious studio floor space to provide the rotten-egg-odor cure (water softener) … so, it has been sitting, useless.  Until now.  Here’s my wet-saw in her new home.  I need to get a quality blade for it before I can USE it – and running water would be a plus … But, she sure is pretty in there, right?  Smile


WWU:  I spent a few hours with a WW2 vet.  He is pleasantly confused, and events from many decades ago are so fresh in his memories.  His body is slowly breaking, but he doesn’t moan, complain or even appear to mind.  He shared some (active combat) stories about that war … and I was reminded how grateful I am for people like him (our soldiers).  So, thank you to our troops, both current and past!  [I am also glad I was able to meet him, and provide the nursing care and dignity our senior patients deserve …]


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