That is how the ER Nurse do …

It’s that time of year again.  Time to take online classes, complete re-certs and attend meetings.  [I’m so glad I am making more wine!]  One such class is the NRP.  A great class, but it has me thinking about all the steps involved with officially delivering a baby in the Emergency Department.  There are about 100+ things to remember to mimic the way of the OB staff … way too many for a Keep It Simple/Stupid ER nurse. 

These thoughts had me whining at dinner tonight, and ending with my opening line above:  “Just catch the baby and make sure he/she is breathing … that is how the ER nurse do,” a la True Facts/Ze Frank style.  If you haven’t seen any of them, here is the Star Nosed Mole video … my family’s favorite.

(I just realized he doesn’t say his ‘famous line’ in the video, but it’s funny and essentially safe for work … )

Moving on.  Here’s a photo of this week’s studio learning – thanks to a recent Glass Patterns Quarterly/T.Viet class.  These are some of my test trials, and I plan to keep playing …


And, my next project will include some trials from this book.  Thank you L.Beckéus …


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