WWU … My Poor Baby!

My youngest daughter came to visit me at work this weekend.  hurt-babyNot exactly in a manner I would have hoped for … but I was able to help care for her AND be her Mom.  She got hurt at her job*.  Multiple x-rays, stitches and one long microscopic surgery later, and my private-duty patient (and precious hormonal cargo) is on the mend … A special THANKS to my work family for letting me play both roles.   Little Sister has a bit of a journey on the nerve-healing/physical-therapy road ahead, but so far she’s been amazing and I am one proud Momma-Nurse.   [*Who knew waitressing could be that treacherous!]

So, while I promised not to post a photo of her … I don’t think she’ll mind a quick pic of her boo-boo arm pre-surgery.  She is currently napping in a medicated-haze, and all of her requested comfort-foods are nearby.

With all this excitement going on … my studio is quiet (but thawing), while fused glass ideas are flowing (yet – still without water)! bubbling ideas

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