The Man from … NUNKE

So, long story short … we still watch Swamp People here at Clayton Hill (… and we still haven’t done any gator-hunting, and we’re STILL big Landry fans!).  This week, DH (actually) said HE would like someone to call him Nunke (however, he is way TOO OLD to be getting any new nieces and nephews!) … So, I’m NOT to call him D.H. anymore … The Yorkies and I should call him NUNKE.   Sure, Babe – you got it! Landry-fan Meanwhile, my private-duty patient (youngest daughter) is healing well and is back in school!  [Thank YOU!!!]  She’s ‘graduated’ to a full cast, and showing no signs of infection.  [Baby steps!]

Still not too much going on in the studio.  I’m waiting for some glass supplies to arrive (powders and frits and chemical reactions – Oh MY!) … So, I played with the Graphtec CE5000 [vinyl plotter] today.  She and I are in-sync at the moment!  I was able to take (new) 4 inch stencils and turn them into less than 1.25 inch vinyl decals!  (I know, RIGHT?!?)  That balloon needs more micro-weeding yet, but WOW!  So far, so good!  Since I still don’t have running water in the studio(!), I can take my time with ‘weeding’ (removing non-essential vinyl) … stencils-to-vinyl bottling-exerciseAnd, so – to stay busy … D.H. Nunke and I did my version of exercisebottling-wine tonight.  Yep, it’s BOTTLING TIME here on the homestead.  Thirty brand new bottles of Cherry Pinot Noir.  Sure, it’s exercise … those GRAVITY-fed (lots of deep-knee-bending) BOTTLES don’t CORK themselves … picture a red-neck rowing-machine!  Winking smile  Next up (stage one fermentation) is the batch of ‘Skinny Wine’! bottles-and-wine-making Lastly (- to ensure there is never a dull moment!), I managed to break a crown last week.  Have I mentioned my ever-growing odontophobia???  I’m still trying to figure out if it’s time to dig out my big-girl-panties or just pull a WILSON!!!  I have time … tom-hanks-wilson

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